Join our teamspeak server

Competitive Matches
For our casual/competitive servers we have both a CT and T channels on Teamspeak. Feel free to use them for a better experience with you community teammates.

Ghosting on the other team on Teamspeak will be punished like cheat and will get you banned.

TAP Channels
If you are on our TAP servers with your teammates, please use our free TAP channel Teamspeak, so that others also can use the TAP server at the same time.


Your own channel
Make your own community inside the GEAK community. Play with our url in your name (Nickname * GEAKONLINE.COM) and get a free channel on our Teamspeak server.

Inactive channels will be removed.

Teamspeak for Clans
Get your own Teamspeak channel with password for free! Contact admin on Teamspeak to get your own Team-channel.

Inactive clans/channels will be removed.

Teamspeak admins