In honor of CS 1.6, Source & CZ we made remakes of these popular maps. We tried to be true to the original maps, but made a more realistic version for CS:GO. We are constantly updating these maps with community improvements. You can download & play with your friends via Steam Workshop or you can join one of our servers. _ge stands for "Geak Edition" which is the term we use on our remake maps.


cs_mansion is the first map to be added to counter-strike ever and are therefor the oldest map! Read the history about the original 1.6 map. See screenshots and read about cs_mansion

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de_hoejhus is a old 1.6 map, which got very popular in source among Scandinavian gamers, specially the Danish community. See screenshots and read about de_hoejhus.

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Fightyard Remakes

Also check out our fightyard mappools
We have remakes of old counter-strike maps here to!.

  • fy_iceworld_ge
  • fy_bridge_ge
  • fy_glasswar_ge
  • fy_2000_ge
  • fy_konquer_ge
  • fy_deathmatch_ge
  • fy_poolday_ge
  • fy_buzzkill_ge